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Enterprise Mission

As for the future development of FabiaTech, in addition to enlarge the R&D and management team and acquire international certificates, we demand in R&D technology core and high quality as foundation, step by step toward the top one Industrial Computer Designer and Manufacturer in Taiwan and become a world-class partner for system integrators.

With the central concept of “Flexible, Efficient Services and High Quality,” our vision is to become an industrial computer designer and manufacturer who can quickly provide complete integrated solutions and build strategic alliance with customers also able to integrate the lacking technology and services from customers.

Moreover, FabiaTech actively gathers numbers of talented teams, strengthens the operation system and expands the scale of operation to create the competitive edge as well as implements sustainable operation to contribute our achievements to communities and shareholders, reaching a win-win-win situation with shareholders, customers and employees.

Environmental Policy

Excellent Quality & Professional Services Corporate Responsibility & Win-Win-Win

What FabiaTech did for the environmental protection never fall behind. We actively participate in environmental activities and implement in company's systems from internal to external supply chain as well as extend to product design, manufacturing, employee training and suppliers’ requirements to make sure each link is interlocking and growing mutually.

We design and manufacture our products in accordance with the green compliance to minimize the use of hazardous substance and increase the reliability. And we tend to design the products which are easy to maintain, upgrade, re-use, dismantle and recycle also consistent with RoHS and WEEE directives.

Technology Core Professional Technology Foundation Quick and Flexible Services High Demand Products

FabiaTech has been operating with the Corporate Missions. We take our responsibility to supply the best products and create the niche market for both customers and FabiaTech. Therefore, we thought over the quality, flexibility, manufacturing process and environment issues while designing the products to meet and make the profits.

Strategic Alliances

Nowadays, the world is no longer a single combat world. In the global internationalization processes, cooperation is the key to success for enterprises. Please contact us if you would like to cooperate with us and combine both of our expertise and strengths to create a win-win situation.